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Visiting Carnac

Go back in time in the Morbihan region

Carnac rivals the Quiberon peninsula for its beaches. But the main attraction in this part of the Morbihan region is, without doubt, the prehistoric sites. Learn about the history of the Celtic people in France with the megaliths, these imposing menhirs standing in straight, parallel lines over several kilometres... One could even believe we had found the hiding place of Obelix, the mighty partner in mischief of Asterix the Gaul! Note, however, that the Carnac menhirs are only accessible to passing visitors from October to March. From April to September, to protect the region’s national heritage, all visits are guided conference tours, providing access to the site for an admission charge.

Note that the megalithic sites of Carnac are recognised as one of the most important centres of Prehistoric Europe and were designated as “Historic Monuments” in 1889! They are definitely worth the trip!

If you want to go further into your discovery of local archaeology, the Prehistoric Museum is the place to go, offering activities such as guided tours, introductory courses to architectural digs, hikes on the megalithic sites and workshops for children, as well as temporary exhibitions and demonstrations of prehistoric techniques. Take a trip to Carnac and go back in time!