What to do in and around Vannes

Discovering the Gulf of Morbihan

We have the ideal location for you to make the most of your stay in the heart of the capital of Morbihan. But what can you do in Vannes? To find out, let's imagine your journey: you arrive at your destination. You drop off your belongings and discover your flat. You get a good night's sleep. You walk around the residence to find your bearings and off you go! You go out to discover Vannes, a colourful medieval town with shops nearby, unusual tourist attractions, activities to do and souvenir shops to buy gifts for your loved ones.

You want to visit the Golfe du Morbihan; the hotel is your starting point. So open your eyes wide and let your expedition begin!

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Visit Vannes

Our residence is located at the gateway to the medieval centre, so you can discover all that Vannes has to offer on foot.

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Morbihan Gulf

With its many islands and islets, microclimate and gentle way of life, the Gulf of Morbihan is one of Brittany's most beautiful landscapes.

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Rhuys peninsula

Just half an hour from Vannes, the Atlantic Ocean and its beaches, the Château de Suscinio, second home of the Dukes of Brittany...

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Quiberon peninsula

With a spectacular wild coastline to the west and fine sandy beaches to the east, the Quiberon peninsula offers a superb variety of landscapes.

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Visit Carnac

Visit the Carnac alignments, the largest megalithic site of its kind in the world and a mecca of European prehistory.

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What to do in Morbihan

Are you staying in the Gulf of Morbihan and wondering what to do?