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What to do in Vannes...

and in the Gulf of Morbihan

We are ideally situated to offer you a carefree, memorable stay in the heart of the Morbihan. But, what is there to do in Vannes? To give you an idea, let’s look forward to your trip: you reach your destination. You drop off your luggage and visit your apartment. You’ll have a night’s sleep, or perhaps a few hours’ or just a few minutes’ rest. You’ll take a walk around the residence to take your marks, and they you’re off! You’ll go out to take in Vannes, a colourful medieval town with local shops, unusual tourist locations, a host of different activities and souvenir shops where you can find gifts for family and friends.

If you decide to take a visit to the Gulf of Morbihan, the hotel is your starting point. So keep your eyes wide open; your adventure is about to begin!