What to do in Vannes

Vannes, capital of the Gulf of Morbihan, is a must-see if you decide to spend your holiday in the region. This medieval city has a lot to offer, not only in terms of historical and cultural discoveries, but also in terms of entertainment. 
Here are a few ideas for what to do in Vannes, your next holiday destination.

Things to do and see in Vannes

Valves is best known for its ramparts, vestiges of a rich and eventful past, but also for its many authentic gardens, laid out in the pure French tradition. You'll be able to discover them not only as you stroll through the town, but also at the many events that take place there during your stay.

Indeed, the gardens of Vannes are often used as the setting for many cultural events.
During your discovery walks, don't forget to pass by the Garenne wash-houses, a must-see for anyone who wants to pride themselves on knowing the town well.
As for your cultural visits, include a trip to the La Cohue fine arts museum and, just across the road, the Cathedral, all in Place Saint-Pierre.
Vannes offers a wide range of events throughout the year. Your choices will depend on the programme available when you visit. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to witness the fervour of the supporters of the Vannes rugby team at the La Rabine stadium.
Finally, if you want something to eat after a long day of exploring, there's nothing better than a tour of the restaurants and bars in the Saint Patern district before returning to your hotel.

Where to stay in Vannes?

Now that you know what to do in Vannes, you'll need book a room where you can rest after a rich but exhausting day out. 
The Le Liberté apartment hotel in Vannes offers you a different style of accommodation, as you choose not a room, but a studio or 3-bedroom flat for your stay.
So you won't feel so out of place, because you'll feel a bit like you're at home, except that you'll benefit from a full, professional hotel service and a contemporary, fully-equipped setting, so you won't want for anything, and your stay will be perfect down to the smallest detail, even when you're resting.
You now have the answers to the question of what to do in Vannes, and also to your questions about the best choice of accommodation in Vannes. Now all you have to do is go and enjoy your stay.