Breton specialities to discover during your stay in Morbihan!

What should you try on a holiday in Brittany's Morbihan region?


Breton specialities: products from Morbihan

In Southern Brittany, there are a number of gourmet specialities to delight connoisseurs and visitors alike. Whether you're a lover of savoury dishes or sweet treats, you're bound to find something to your taste among the products of Morbihan!

Savoury Breton specialities

- The Belle-Iloise sardines


Since 1932, the La Belle-Iloise cannery in Quiberon has been renowned for its delicious seafood, particularly its tinned sardines, mackerel and soups. The freshly-caught fish is processed entirely by hand and seasoned with top-quality ingredients.


- Cider from the Gorvello distillery


In the town of Sulniac, a stone's throw from Vannes, the Gorvello distillery grows cider apple trees to produce cider, apple juice, cider vinegar and apple-based aperitifs such as pommeau and fine Bretagne or lambig.


- Guémené andouille sausage

Andouille from Guémené-sur-Scorff is prepared according to very specific codes that make it unique. It is made from chitterlings arranged in concentric circles (the large intestines of the pig), smoked and dried, then cooked in a stock for 3 to 4 hours. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or on a galette!

Sweet Breton specialities

- Salidou's cream


Salidou could also be called Breton Nutella (without palm oil, but with butter!). This unctuous cream of salted butter caramel is a pure delight on Breton pancakes, bread or as an accompaniment to ice cream. This delicacy is made in Quiberon.


- The niniches of Quiberon


A speciality of Maison d'Armorine since 1946, Niniches are cylinder-shaped lollipops available in a variety of flavours (with fruit or salted butter caramel). This speciality is part of France's culinary heritage and has been voted "Best Candy in France"!


- Desplousse chocolate oysters


The Desplousse chocolate factory in Vannes produces famous dark and milk chocolate oysters filled with old-fashioned praline. Invented on Belle-Ile in 1904 by Master Pâtissier Chocolatier Raymond Desplousse, these chocolate oysters have been the success of the Vannes chocolate factory since 1914.


- Breton cake


Don't forget the Breton cake! This pastry originated in the Lorient region and has kept perfectly well over time, accompanying sailors on their long campaigns at sea. Plain or with a filling, jam or salted butter caramel, it's the epitome of the many flavours of the region, with its shortcrust pastry and the taste of semi-salted butter.

A stay in Vannes: a city of art and history in the heart of Morbihan

Treat yourself to a stay in Vannes, a beautiful city of art and history in the heart of Morbihan... a gourmet holiday with a change of scenery guaranteed!


The old town of Vannes has pretty cobbled streets and colourful half-timbered houses. Its marina boasts restaurants and bars, as well as boats offering cruises in the Gulf of Morbihan.


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