Appart Hotel Morbihan

Stay in an apartment hotel in Morbihan for your holiday or business trip

An apartment hotel in Vannes city centre

Have you decided to go on holiday to Brittany? And the first town you're going to visit is none other than Vannes? If you really want to experience Brittany, it's perfectly possible to do so, by opting for an apartment hotel in Morbihan. It's right in the middle of the city. You'll have the opportunity to spend some wonderful time in the city centre.

The Liberté apartment hotel is ideally located to welcome you all year round. In fact, you can easily have all the comfort you need in this Morbihan apartment hotel. Book your stay in Brittany !

An apartment hotel in Morbihan of different sizes

Whether you're a large group or not, you'll be able to find a flat of the size you need all year round. From T1 to T3, we're sure you'll find an apartment to suit your needs.


The Morbihan le Liberté apartment hotel in Vannes will plunge you straight into the atmosphere of Brittany. In fact, by taking a tour of it, you can easily immerse yourself in the city's history.


Of course, you don't have to be on holiday to enjoy this apartment hotel. In fact, you are perfectly welcome to come here on business, and the hotel will be delighted to welcome you. What's more, you'll easily find a place to stay with all the amenities you could need.

A perfectly successful holiday in Brittany!

The appart'hotel also offers nearby services, a gym and a car park. As Vannes is a town on a human scale, the visits you can make are never far from the centre.



After a good visit, you can also relax in the gym. As you can see, you can easily enjoy a pleasant stay in this Morbihan apartment hotel. With all the shops close by, as well as being in the heart of this medieval town, you won't be disappointed!