Visiting Morbihan

Start with the Quiberon peninsula

If you're a wave-lover, you're in luck on the Quiberon peninsula! With around thirty kilometres of coastline, it's not rocking waves but often powerful winds that stir up the sea and there's no shortage of spots for water sports activities, whatever your favourite sport. That's what visiting Morbihan is all about: giving your stay a rhythm!

For those who prefer to keep one foot on the ground, it's hiking that bends over backwards for you, offering observers a magnificent landscape with trails and routes to suit. It's up to you whether you walk or cycle.
For lovers of panoramic photos that freeze memories, take a trip to the pointe de Beg-er-Goalennec... the shots are sure to catch your eye! The deep, contrasting colours of the rock, the Pacific-island sand and the captivating emerald-blue sea are the perfect backdrop for the shades of green in the surrounding vegetation.
You can catch your breath after all that excitement by visiting the small villages and admiring Brittany's authentic architectural culture. And to top off your escapade, the culinary specialities are waiting for you!